Currie Group

Currie Group specialises in providing and servicing print equipment of the highest quality to the graphic arts industry. We can assist with all your needs throughout the printing process - from file preparation to finishing.

We work with world class suppliers to provide you with an end to end solution. With our people, support, equipment and consumables combined we can provide you with a fully 'Integrated Print Solution'.

Finishing | Stitching

Horizon StitchLiner Mark III

The StitchLiner Mark III features expanded booklet size range and increased productivity up to 6,000 booklets per hour. The system can produce a wider range of products, such as A4 landscape booklets and pocket booklets adding expanded application flexibility.

Horizon SPF-200L/FC- 200L Bookletmaker

The system can be configured as a conventional collating system for offset print production and a high-speed sheet feeder for pre-collated digital production.