Currie Group

Currie Group specialises in providing and servicing print equipment of the highest quality to the graphic arts industry. We can assist with all your needs throughout the printing process - from file preparation to finishing.

We work with world class suppliers to provide you with an end to end solution. With our people, support, equipment and consumables combined we can provide you with a fully 'Integrated Print Solution'.

Finishing | Perfect Binding

Horizon BQ-480 Perfect Binder

In addition to dimension-based automation, the BQ-480 features customised automated setup accounting for paper type, signature vs. loose sheet, sewn book blocks, notch binding, and other key factors for higher quality with less effort. Maximum production speed of 800 books per hour for book of one production. (Production speed changes depending on thickness change from book to book.) Supporting both EVA hotmelt glue and PUR hotmelt glue.

Horizon BQ-280PUR Perfect Binder

Space-saving and high quality single clamp PUR perfect binder. High quality PUR binding is assured with dual application drums and separate EVA / PSA side glue application. Drum application enables production of one to one variable thickness books with maximum quality control.

Horizon BQ-270V Perfect Binder

Book thickness calliper allows true on-demand production. Professional quality from a binder that's simple to setup and easy to use. Automated book thickness calliper comes standard for greater production efficiency.