Currie Group

Currie Group specialises in providing and servicing print equipment of the highest quality to the graphic arts industry. We can assist with all your needs throughout the printing process - from file preparation to finishing.

We work with world class suppliers to provide you with an end to end solution. With our people, support, equipment and consumables combined we can provide you with a fully 'Integrated Print Solution'.

Commercial | Digital Presses

HP Indigo 7K Digital Press

The HP Indigo 7K Digital Press enables endless applications and customer satisfaction—with the widest range of media and over 20 specialty inks. Simplify production with smart, automated tools while printing offset-matching quality and high volumes day in, day out with this truly robust press.

HP Indigo 100K Digital Press

The new HP Indigo 100K Digital Press is the world's most productive B2 digital solution with true digital non-stop print capabilities, at up to 6,000 sheets per hour. A breakthrough press that completely recalculates your total cost of ownership. A profit center that boosts margins on the short runs you’re already doing, and a business generator that accelerates you into a world of untapped digital business opportunities.

HP Indigo 15K Digital Press

The new HP Indigo 15K Digital Press delivers on time, each time, no matter the demand. There’s only one press you need to unleash the power of “yes”. Leveraging the groundbreaking technology of the world’s bestselling B2 digital press, the “Yes Press” is the next generation of the renowned, market-winner.

Scodix Ultra 202 Digital Enhancement Press

This fully featured press produces unmatched quality – on time and budget – all on one press platform. The Scodix Ultra 202 press supports all Scodix Applications, runs efficiently on a single platform and replaces the need for separate systems on your production floor.