Aeronaut Automation

Aeronaut Automation is an Australian manufacturer of computer controlled cutting machines. Established in the early 1990s, Aeronaut’s first focus was technical textiles but after a request for a reasonably priced cutter for corrugated packaging from an American customer, Aeronaut has been active in the print, packaging and graphics industries ever since. Our first Australian customer in the corrugated industry phoned the US distributor and could not believe it when told that the machines were actually made in Australia. He said “We don’t make these things over here.’ Well, Aeronaut does!

Aeronaut is unique in offering a full range of cutting technologies including laser, ultrasonic, powered and unpowered knife tools as well as perforating, creasing and scoring tools able to work with anything from box board to tri-wall. Our customers range from huge multinationals and NASA contractors to short-run and custom printers, display, POS and box makers.

If you are working in wide format, Aeronaut’s cutters include some of the widest machines in the world, over 10 metres wide and 50 metres long. Most cutters are 2.5 to 4 metres wide and 6-12 metres in length. Aeronaut’s flatbed laser cutters are as perfect for large fabric signage and backlit advertising as for the Mars lander parachutes they also make.

Australian customers are fortunate in that they get factory direct prices for machines and spares as well as local support and servicing. Aeronaut sales are always available for a talk and it’s always possible to arrange a factory visit with test cuts from your designs on your materials. Aeronaut’s Sydney showroom has demonstration size cutters with a wide range of capabilities from 50mm foam rubber to ultrasonic and laser cut and seal.

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