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Signwriting as a trade is made up of many different elements, good design, technical expertise, creativity….. in short Craftsmanship. We use many different tools to make our creations; pencils, design software, printers, cutters, routers and traditional hand techniques. The brush is a tool like all the rest, it has it’s place in today’s quality sign shop along side the cutter and printer. The theme to this years letterheads is “Back to the Craft – Apprentice Incentive”, the idea is not only to have fun with traditional techniques, but to promote to signwriters and apprentices the idea of applying traditional signage techniques to today’s signmaking. Signwriting large letters on brick or tilt slab buildings, hand cutting 3 dimensional letters, painting artwork/designs onto acrylic painted surfaces, gold leaf glass work, techniques regularly used by “quality “sign shops. There are many things that can be done quicker and more cost effectively with traditional techniques, ie: craftmanship, than with “short cuts” that we all see done too often with not so sticky letters, if you know what I mean.

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